Christina Managed Portfolio Offering, Prime Los Angeles Real Estate

Christina Real Estate Investors 4, LLC is seeking capital commitments of $50M - $75M. The investment objective of the company is to achieve superior long-term tax advantaged and risk adjusted returns by acquiring, investing in, operating, improving, optimizing, developing, and redeveloping a diversified portfolio of multi-family residential, office, and commercial/retail properties located in the prime sub-markets of the Westside of Los Angeles, California. If you are interested in investing in this opportunity, please indicate your interest amount below. Your indication of interest is only intended to be informational and will not become binding until formal documents including an operating agreement, private placement memorandum and other required documents have been provided to you and you have signed and delivered a subscription agreement. There is no guarantee that you will ultimately be permitted to contribute your expected amount. Upon receipt of your indication of interest, a Christina investor relations representative will contact you. You will be guided through the registration process and be enabled to access Christina marketing materials located in our secure data room. Thank you for your interest and welcome to Christina! The Christina Investor Relations Team.

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